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My aspiration is to help at least 100 million people feel healthy and be disease free by restoring them to finest health by the means of holistic approach. Our body and mind are simple.

We have gratuitously complicated it. Let restore it back. My medical practice spans almost two decade now and I have taken a stand. People are needlessly suffering and diseased due to ignorance and unawareness. This is totally unacceptable and can be barred. With almost 20 years backing me with experience as a physician, I have realised that human life quality can be improved if “good health” is seen in a different way. It’s our fundamental right to be healthy and fit.

This is the time to think about health seriously. Parameter of health should not be bracketed in your blood tests values or good health should not just be considered as a symptom free body.
With the flooding information on the World Wide Web, no one knows what being healthy actually means. It’s a heartbreaking reality. No one bothers to guide us about the meaning of happy body and calm mind.
As a physician I can testify and say that the way people are being medically treated these days, the day is not far we can never be “disease free”.
We need to change it right now. Our attitude towards healthy body should change. Our body is not trash can. We need to take care of it adequately and protect it.

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Mission & Vission

I took a stand to provide good health to all

The good news is that we have better ways to deal with these issues. We have scientifically verified successful means to treat ill health. We know the science as Homeopathy . I have successfully treated so many people that made their lives happy and of course disease free and not just symptom free.

Our principle is based on the balancing five elements of nature in the body and body will heal itself i.e. similia similibus curentur, or "like cures like". We don’t need to play around with body and make it a chemical junkyard. Let nature cure the wrong naturally.

In Nidanam Homeopathy we take a full 360 degree approach towards health. We can optimise body functioning and performance to reduce the risk of ailments while improving vitality.

At Nidanam Homeopathy our main endeavour is to hit upon the root cause of the problem and help the sufferer to reach its cure.

Majority of my patient don’t necessitate any other medication once they obtain cure. This means that our focus is on treating a person and not just treating the symptom.

My Goal is to change the perception of “being treated to being cured”.

I have devoted my life and have spent years in practising and learning the best ways by which we can be closer to nature. Intense study and plenty of hard work with experience of 2 decades has made me recognize one thing our health is in our direct control.

Over the course of my career, I have consistently helped my patients in
  • Undo High Sugar levels (diabetes Type 2) with great success in juvenile diabetes
  • Eliminate irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Controlled behaviour disorders in teens and adults
  • De-addicted people with addictions of alcohol, nicotine, mobile, drugs etc.
  • Different types of cancers
  • Asthmatic conditions in children and adults
  • Mental disorders and panic attacks
  • Concentration issues in children
  • Skin problems like psoriasis, eczema and others
  • Women disorders and gynaecological issues
  • Men reproductive health issues
  • Sleep better and regain their energy
  • Regain control of their autoimmune conditions
  • Reducing Body toxicity
  • Restore harmony to their circadian rhythms and heart problems
  • Add life to their years, as well as years to their life

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