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Oct 12, 2021


Behavioral problems in children cannot be confined to some terminology.It may be more of at raditionalistic or conventionalize approach if we are seeing it as a disease or limiting it to a definition.

It sounds a bit stroppy that if a child is not behaving the way the society wants him to be, he is considered as ill and labelled as a child with “behavioral problems”.

Without understanding the real circumstances and factors, the child who is himself a victim to this situati

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Oct 8, 2021

My Kid don’t sleep.. Is he insomniac?

“My son is getting irritable day by day. He is also gaining weight and lacks attentiveness in school. He has become short tampered and very aggressive. I am extremely worried, he was a calm child earlier but now he is agitated and violent all the time. Can you help me”? A desperate mother puts a call at Nidanam Homeopathy clinic.

“Parents these days are facing such issues and are unable to find a solution for it. Many feel that their child have gone abnormal or some even say tha

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Oct 7, 2021


It’s arguably pretty easy to make plans like losing 5 kgs in a month or going to gym regularly or no alcohol from now and bla bla bla... . You must have heard these statements quite often especially in your mind. But the very next day we all know how much we are committed to these statements and end up being big defaulters when it comes to executing them.

If I am right, there is a reason you have landed up on this blog today. In spite of all your efforts, you always fall short of

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Oct 4, 2021


In this blog Dr. Bhavana illuminates why kids get physical when they are angry, how their behavior get saltered and how they can be relieved from such a self-destructive state. But first let’s see who is an “Angry Child”.

“I stand and watch helplessly, looking at my five year old cute darling baby screaming and kicking the floor of living area for not getting a candy or ice-cream. Her fists are clenched and teeth gritting with trembling jaws and bloody red face.” Sonia Sharm

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