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Yes,Homeopathy is a proven medicinal science. It is a health science which
is based on logics and immense experimental data to support. It is
considered as the only medicinal science where data has been collected
by proving on healthy humans and not just on animals. Homeopathic
principles have been derived and legitimated by vast clinical
experiments and data to support it. The homeopathic pharmacopoeia lists
more than three thousand remedies, whose clinical competence has been
proved in a variety of clinical trials conducted world-wide.

Yes, they are. There are 200 homeopathic medical colleges in India and about 1200 colleges all over the world recognized by their respective Governments and medical boards. The B.H.M.S. degree course is an all-embracing study surrounding the detailed and thorough study of the human body, Homeopathic pharmacy, Medicine, Gynaecology, Materia Medica,Philosophy, Total patient management etc. In India the full course lasts for four and half years followed by extensive internship for 12 months, that incorporate practical training in hospitals having OPD as well as IPD. There are now also postgraduate courses ( M.D.) available in India. One must mandatorily register with the relevant Medical
Council to practice legally.

No, it’s a big myth. The pills of Homeopathic medicines are made from sugar but they work only as carriers of the medicine. Actual liquid medicine prepared from various natural medicinal substances is poured over the pills and dispensed as medications. Homeopathy also offers medicine in liquid form or in the form of tinctures, that can be given directly or by diluting them in water as and when required.

This needs an explanation. What it appears is not true. The white pills are the sugar pills that act as a medium to administer medicine. The real medicine is pour into it. Glucose is considered to be one of the best absorbing agent in body hence it is used. The medicine poured on the pills is the real curing agents. Different drugs are usually used in various potencies as to best suit different patients. There are more than three thousand medicines/ remedies with about ten variant in their strength or potency which are administered as per the requirement.

Well treatment duration actually depends upon the severity of the diseases. It generally happens that people approach homeopaths only when other pathies were not able to cure it or have gibe partial results. This makes a disease chronic hence may take time. If a person directly visits a homeopath the time he gets diseases, early results are achieved. More over Homeopathy just not treat a disease, it also helps in curing thus resolving the real problem rather than just relieving, hence it may take time.

It is a big myth that homeopathic medicines act slowly. Their action is rapid and the result lasts much longer, often everlastingly. The disease gets treated from its root cause.The duration of the treatment directly rely upon the severity and chornicity of the disease. If a patient approaches a homeopath in the initial if the disease onset, results can be achieved very early, may be within hours. Even in acute cases homeopathy works like magic hence it is big myth that homeopathy takes time to act.

Homeopathy to reach the core of the problem a doctor requires in depth understanding of the person as well as the consitions that eventually lead to the onset of the disease. Moreover homeopathic medicines are individualised treatments hence medicine of similar disease may vary from patient to patient. More over in homeopathy, emotional aspect is also considered important even while treating a physical problem. Hence thorough detailed history it can be gaged about the disease. 

Otherwisealso, there are so many incidents that control human life. In-depth case taking helps in knowing them better and gives an idea about the patient as a person, his characteristics and helps the physician to recommend the correct remedy.

The homeopathic doctor requires a complete understanding of your nature, disease onset, complete symptoms, mental and emotional state of a person to reach to the core of your case.

Any characteristic or trait, any habit that you have, your past medical history, childhood details, anything and everything about you will help the physician to help you. Homeopath expects an honest and correct history to get the best remedy

No,All Homoeopathic remedies/medicines are primed by using scientific pre-defined methodology of extracting the medicinal properties from source substances. There is no possibility or necessity to taint the derived medicines as it will lowers the curative properties of the same.The prescription of homoeopathic medicines is based on the principle of similarity of symptoms of the patient with those produced by the drug (in its purest form) when tested on healthy individuals. Additionally, steroids impart a bitter taste, and homeopathic medicines are sweet. If
the patient has any doubts he should check the medicines from a standard laboratory before consuming them.

Remedy name or the name of the medicine is not disclosed for the benefits of the patient. If the patient after knowing the name of the medicines starts taking it according to his or her desires, it will distort the disease picture and in future, treatment of the patient will be much harder. Also certain medicines have to be changed and given as per the state of the disease and recovery.If the patient wants, a copy of case record can be given to him but only at the end of the treatment, when patient has fully recovered.