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Oct 7, 2021


It’s arguably pretty easy to make plans like losing 5 kgs in a month or going to gym regularly or no alcohol from now and bla bla bla… . You must have heard these statements quite often especially in your mind. But the very next day we all know how much we are committed to these statements and end up being big defaulters when it comes to
executing them.

If I am right, there is a reason you have landed up on this blog today. In spite of all your efforts, you always fall short of quitting your tobacco addiction.

Don’t get disheartened. Accept that we all have weaknesses. We are humans and it’s so natural for us to get tempted towards things that are considered a taboo or are not good for us.

So now let’s quickly come to your purpose of visiting this page. We need to get rid of this tobacco addiction.  

It’s tough to remember how that first cigarette turned into a habit and then into addiction. Tobacco has penetrated deep into our lives, first it started as a leisure activity, then as a replacement or substitute of something and now it’s a necessity or addiction. Most of the people with tobacco addiction have substituted it to overcome something and now find it difficult to leave and succumb to tobacco urges. Hence the mission of “NO TOBACCO FROM TODAY” fails miserably.

Dr. Bhavana Jain Agarwal from Nidanam Homeopathy suggests that small steps towards leaving tobacco will always make a big difference. Set goals that are achievable. Let’s now begin with it.

Stimulants or triggers –

This is the first and the biggest culprit that has kept people addicted to tobacco. Our lives in this present era have become so unorganised and stressful. Just as a short cut tool to derive pleasure or a source of overcoming stress, we land up in this tobacco or alcohol

Avoid the things that tempt you to consume these addictive agents. Stop going to the places that induces triggers. The places like pubs, bars, parties: where people drink and smoke, works as tempting zones that may lead to breaking your “No Tobacco from Today” promise.

Stress is another causative feature. People tend to fall prey to stimulants and addictives trying to overpower stress. Try avoiding these situations. Try to disappear from such places. This urge is momentary. It will vanish in few moments. All you need is to just escape that moment.

It’s a common sight that people sometimes smoke without even realising that they are smoking. For instance, you get a call from someone, you start talking, you are engrossed in your own world and out of nowhere you realise that there is a cigarette lit in your hand. Avoid such situations. You can evade it by engaging yourself with some pen or
a piece of paper.


Chew Something – dodge your brain

It is an activity of taming the mind. Keep the brain engrossed somewhere else. This distraction helps in averting the urge of tobacco/ nicotine. Aromatic substitute like cardamom, fennel seeds etc, may help in stimulating brain with signals similar to that of nicotine and eventually dogging brain.

Delay Strategies –

This strategy has helped people tremendously. It helps in delaying the weedy moment of extreme urge. Once it is conquered it becomes lots more easy to win over these cravings. Keep the tobacco away from your convenience. Keep yourself in no smoking zones or public places where smoking is prohibited for longer duration. You may also convince
yourself in the extreme urge phase to delay it tobacco consumption for 10-15 minutes at least. Such actions help tremendously in derailing the tobacco addiction cravings.

Work out the cravings –

Physical activities and exercises no doubt are the best ways to counter cravings. Physical activities help in increasing the serotonin levels. Serotonin helps in over shadowing nicotine cravings. Go for a jog or a brisk walk, or do some squats or push-ups, stairs climbing is also helpful. Physical activities works as a distraction hence is

Don’t fall prey –

Don’t fall prey to trap “Just One more” or “Just one”. This trap can turn out to be a monster trap. Firm your mind and follow it. Don’t even try it for once even causally.

Relax – take a chill pill

Keeping oneself calm and relaxed is extremely beneficial. Inhibiting habitual tobacco intake may cause stress and panic. These are in reality the withdrawal symptoms of nicotine as body has become dependent. Go
for a spa, or swimming, or watch your favourite sports or movie. The basic idea is to give your mind some relaxation. This encourages in overcoming the deterrent caused due to nicotine addiction.

Learn from others’ experience –

Internet has made this world a small place. With this tool, interaction and communication has become easy. One can visit related forums, or read blogs or go to social media sites and find people who overcame these addictions and know more about their journey to a clean body. These interaction help in understanding these conditions better.

Talk talk and just talk –

This is another fantastic tool that can create your journey uncomplicated and eventful. Keep discussing with your family and friends about experiences and shortcomings during the cleansing process of the body. There are help lines numbers available in almost all the countries who offer support and counselling to people to seek help in quitting
addictions (800-784-8669 for USA). You can Google it to find for your country if you don’t stay in USA.

Happy days coming soon –

Constantly remind yourself about happier life without addictions. Think of no cough days, no nicotine smells that were keeping your near dear ones away from you. Cleaner body means improved health, lesser
risks of heart diseases and cancer, increased immunity to fight diseases. Moreover you save money that can be used for getting your new clothes, games etc. and list goes on. 

Consult the Expert

Dr. Bhavana Jain Agarwal M.D. (Nidanam Homeopathy) is credited with numerous appreciations and awards for her contribution in curing people from various ailments and addictions. One of them is tobacco de-addictions. People have benefitted a lot with her medications and advices. You can also consult her regarding your concerns and medical help.