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Cancer can be defined as uncontrolled growth of atypical cells that can happen in and at any body part. These atypical cells are called cancer cells, malignant cells, or tumour cells in various terminology. These cells has the capability to penetrate into the normal body tissues. Many cancers and the atypical cells that constitute the cancer tissue in addition are identified by the name of the tissue that the atypical cells also known as abnormal cells patented from (for an example abnormal cells in breast are called as breast cancer, abnormal cells in lungs are called as lung cancer, and so as colorectal cancer likewise). Cancer is not just restrained in humans; animals and other living organisms can also get cancer.

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Often, cancer cells can break away from this original cancer mass of cells, travel through the blood stream or circulatory as well as lymphatic systems, and camp in other organs where they can again replicate the unrestrained growth cycle. This course of cancer cells leaving one area, penetrating and growing in another organ of the body is known as metastatic spread or metastasis.

In Homeopathy there are means by which this abnormal cells and their uncontrolled multiplication can be curbed by countered if treated on time and early. Dr. Bhavana has been able to treat many such cancer patients who have timely opted for the treatment in homeopathy.

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