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Childhood Disease

Childhood Disease

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Any form of illness, deficiency or abnormal condition that affects an infant till adolescence comes under childhood disease and disorders. Generally the age span of a of childhood disease is categorised from age of his birth to 12 years after that he is considered teen and adult respectively.

While the most part of the childhood disorders and diseases are analogous to those of the adult, still there are quite a few significant variances. Taking an example of specific diseases and illness precocious puberty are not significant to children whereas acute inflammation of kidneys or nephritis is more common in children than adults. There are certain diseases that are not common in children and are commonly seen in adults like high blood pressure.

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We are happy to mention here that most of the common disorders in children can be cured in childhood with the miraculous treatments done with the aid of homeopathy. Once the disease if being treated to its core would have no or very little chance that it may be erupt back. It’s very important to get rid of the disease than just the symptoms of a disease. More over putting chemicals (allopathic medicines) in the body of child may have other harmful effects on him. These days it is a very common practice by paediatrician of give antibiotics o in children but it in turn compromises with the immunity of the child thus making him susceptible to various diseases and infections rendering him exposed to various diseases.

At Nidanam Homeopathy, Dr. Bhavana takes care of this scenario and takes care of the diseases from the core of it there by making child disease free. His immunity and other important aspects are also taken care of.

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