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Female Health

Female Health

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There are various health issues involvement in women. Issues like oestrogen production, her mental health, sexual health and reproductive issues. Women time to time faces many mental as well as physical changes due to her reproductive system changes. It’s very important to understand and treat women health issue as ignoring these may lead to some serious ailment that might become untreatable if ignored for longer duration of time.

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Women bodies bears some major transformation throughout their lives and age. During times of physiological changes, a girl may experience mental health issues like eating disorders, eating disorders, anxiety, and stress. In adulthood there issues are like fertility health, STD’s, menstrual issues etc. issues during pregnancy and after childbirth is also a very significant. Menopause and related health issues comes in later part of life.

Luckily in homeopathy we have various treatments that are helpful in all age groups right from menarche to menopause. Pre and post pregnancy care and mental as well as physical issues. Dr. Bhavana from Nidanam Homoeopathy has been treating girls and women in the most holistic way preserving there optimised health.

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