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Mental Health

Mental Health

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Mental health is a condition that refers to intellectual, developmental and emotional health of an individual. It is all about how an individual contemplate, feel and reacts to a situation. In some aspects mental health may also be referred as mental disorder.

Mental health may have impact on daily activities, his relationships with his friends and family as well as his physical health of an individual.

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To the contrary other people’s mental structure also has an impact on your living, relations and daily activities.

Observing and taking care of the mental health can help preserving an individual’s capability to enjoy life. For achieving this, one has to ensure to maintain a balance in his actions and interactions to others. Reaction to others activity is one of the most important aspect.

Factors like stress, depression, panic and anxiety can have an immediate impact on a mental health of an individual and also hinders his daily activities

No matter the word mental health is very commonly used, many other health conditions that doctors identifies as psychological disorders have physical roots.

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