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Panic disorder

Panic disorder

Panic disorder can be defined as an anxiety disorder that is categorized by extreme, persistent, and sudden panic attack or surge of outburst anger

Apprehensions and nervousness may be considered as normal reactions to a particular condition and stressful proceedings. Panic disorder in contrasts may differ from this normal apprehensions and nervousness because it is often intense and comes out from nowhere.

A person suffering from panic disorder may experience symptoms like rigorous feelings of fear, fast breathing, and hasty heart rate. People with panic disorder may feel these outbursts suddenly and for no obvious reason, but they can also be initiated by some sort of catalytic event or situation.

Consultant Dr Bhawana

1.Feel of insecurity or threat
2.Apprehension of defeat or demise
3.Fast and throbbing heart rate
4.Extreme cold sweating
5.Trembling or shuddering
6.Breathlessness or grasping for want of breathe
7.Sudden Chills
8.Sudden Hot flashes
9.Nauseatic feel
10.Abdominal cramping
11.Chest pain or angina
12.Headache or pain in eyes
13.Giddiness, light-headedness or vertigo
14.Numbness or tingling sensation in hands and legs
15.Feeling of absence or aloofness

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