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Specific phobia

Specific phobia

Specific phobia is considered as an anxiety disorder, categorized by an irrational apprehension linked with a particular object or situation. Specific phobia can lead to averting of the object or situation, persistence of the fear, and considerable suffering or trouble functioning is linked with the fear.

The fear or anxiety may be prompted both by the presence and the anticipation of the specific thing or situation. In most adults, the person may logically know the fear is unreasonable but still find it difficult to control the anxiety. Thus, this condition may significantly impair the person’s functioning and even physical health.

Consultant Dr Bhawana


  • A spontaneous sense of extreme fear or anxiety on seeing or even imagining about the fear.
  • Feel helpless even when your know about your fear would not harm in real
  • Over Reaction of the fear on seeing the object approaching you or is near your range.
  • Doing all to evade the object or situation or enduring it with intense anxiety or fear
  • Trouble carrying out normalcy because of your fear
  • Physical reactions and sensations, including sweating, rapid heartbeat, heaviness in chest or breathlessness
  • Feeling of nauseating, giddiness or fainting around blood or injuries
  • In children or adolescents, probable tantrums, clinging, crying, or refusing to leave a parent’s side or approach their fear

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